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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Review: One Taste turning 7

 Sunday 11th December marked the day One Taste turned 7 years old and to mark that celebration they had a Birthday Do, which they did!
One Taste Choir.
The Bedford Globe Theatre was to be the scene for an evening of joyous Christmas/birthday fun flavoured entertainment. The First group to wow us for the evening was Eska and the One Taste Choir approximately about 46 of them which in it self was pretty impressive, especially watching them as they occupied every bit of usable space on the stage in such a precise and efficient manner. Then they began to sing, an absolutely awe inspiring sound engulfed the room rendering the entire audience gripped silently, not even a murmur amongst the crowd, and the vocal arrangement was just as precise as their physical arrangement on the stage. A fabulous way to kick the evening of with brilliantly Christmassy feel. 
Next we had Gideon a comedic acoustic singer/songwriter who can comfortably lay claim to being well versed within of the descriptive titles mentioned, an unassuming man at first glance, a humble confident man with an innate talent for seamlessly blending comedy, timing, song writing, storytelling definitely one worth checking out for all who have not had the pleasure to as yet.

Following Gideon was Stac a UK soul singer accompanied by two backing singers and a guitarist, as with most of the artist's on the bill it was a first time experience and we were totally impressed and not from a pessimistic perspective but more so from the standpoint that the level of creative talent that London is exuding is truly exciting. Stac's performance was truly splendid her delicate but soulful voice and her song writing is really something to look out for.

Daniel Marcus Clarke
 Next to the stage we had Daniel Marcus Clarke a pioneer in what has been dubbed the "Ear Film" which is in its essence exactly what it says it is. This was a one man performance including a Tenor Horn and an arpeggione (a cross between a cello and a guitar) and a soundboard. He began with a few notes from the horn, a shuffle of the feet and the few notes played became a looped audio bed for the beginning of his recital, a gripping poetic tale a well constructed piece accompanied by intermittent instrumental sounds from his arpeggione along with rhyme. Definitely a new live experience in this type of environment, one I have totally taken to.
The Noisettes
After such a captivating performance something truly special would have to follow and it did!, as The Noisettes took to the stage for what was to be a smashing performance. They delighted us with known and loved tracks such as "Wild Young Hearts" and "Never Forget You" to name a couple, along with new material which also bore the Noisettes calibre, as they performed splendidly together Shingai's vocal performance was great. The collective aura of the band completely hooked the audience, so much so that after leaving the stage at the end of their performance the screams and shouts for an encore even included what could be considered a desperate and distant "more", which seemed to do the trick as we were then graced with more music performed impeccably.

The Noisettes
On to the final act that I have the pleasure of experiencing tonight although not the last act of the night a poet Inua Ellams a very sharp and astute writer with a good understanding of stanza, structure and delivery. Along with heartfelt conveyance and what could be considered as alternative subject matter not forgetting his fabulous ability to paint such vivid picture and emotions using words and tone. Overall a brilliantly ponderous and engaging recital.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, great audience, lovely venue, top class entertainment and last but not least good Guinness. Having experienced this event we are so thoroughly excited to see what this new year will bring for the fabulous acts which performed on the night and OneTaste, exciting time's ahead!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Review: Thurston Moore-Performing Psychic Hearts

Thurston Moore@ Electric Ballroom
Saturday 2nd Dec. Saw an evening at the Electric Ballroom Camden hosting company such as the Head of Wantastiquet, Tall Firs And Thurston Moore performing Psychic Hearts his classic 1995 solo album.

Head of Wantastiquet

The evening started off as usual, when Thurston Moore Or Sonic Youth are concerned, decent que’s and anticipating devotee’s tend to be the norm. The first artist to the Stage was Paul Labrecque of Sunburned Hand Of the Man performing solo as Head of Wantastiquet, his sound was instrumentally very emotional, a score with eastern influences dare I say even mildly religious in its feel which shaped it into a very reflective experience, the heavy rhythmic drone of the guitar interweaved with intricate notes and melodic chant, came together form an altogether enchanting and reflective almost meditative audio experience.

Dave, Tall Firs

The next act to grace the stage was Tall Firs a much more classic acoustic rock band made up of Dave and Aaron both on guitar, although briefly accompanied by John Moloney on the drums, as it was my first time seeing Tall Firs perform I was filled with anticipation and curiosity and as to be expected they put on fully enjoyable performance, their material was original and well written. Their performance and music really connected with the audience through subject matter and emotion their genuine demeanour really compounded this to the point whereby it felt at times it was a much more intimate gig than it actually was. 
Aaron, Tall Firs

On to the Main Thurston Moore performing Psychic Hearts although the album was released prior to my Indy appreciation years, the music was quintessentially Thurston, Sonic-esque in its ingredients full of energy, guitars rifts but add to that a violin, and a harp coupled with Thurston’s wordplay and you have a really good album. We so thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the material and the atmosphere and judging by the reactions of the audience we were not alone in our sentiment, definitely an experiencing and an album that we at creative happen will be revisiting and adding to our collection. Overall a night that warrant's two thumbs up! Smiles all round.

Samara Lubelski

John Moloney

Thurston Moore


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

One Snowy Night: Fairfield Hall Croydon Jan 2012 - Win 1 of 5 family tickets!!!

Seabright Productions, Slot Machine and Norden Farm present: One Snowy Night: A Tale from Percy's Park
By Nick Butterworth

Fairfield Halls, Croydon
Saturday 14th Jan10.30am, 1.30pm,Sunday 15th Jan 3.00pm
Tickets: Adult £12, Child £10, Family Ticket £40 (A booking fee of £1.50 per ticket may apply)
Ticket office 020 8688 9291

One winter's night it was so cold it began to snow. Great big snowflakes fell past the window of Percy's hut...

Percy the Park Keeper always feeds the animals in the park where he lives. But one cold winter's night, Percy finds his little friends shivering on the doorstep - they need more than food and he must find a way to help them. A snuggly, heart-warming story, with songs to sing along to, furry friends to meet and blankets to be tucked up in.

Adds to the magic of Nick Butterworth’s well-known and well-loved tale with the help of handmade puppets, an original soundtrack and dance. An ideal introduction to the theatre for children from the age of three, though older children will enjoy it just as much.' The Stage

Suitable for ages 3+
Running time approximately 55 minutes
Venue: Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1DG

Win 1 of 5 family tickets for ONE SNOWY NIGHT
Fairfield Hall Croydon, Sat 14 & Sun 15th Jan 2012.

Hi, I am Percy the Park Keeper. For a chance for you and your family (up to 4 tickets) to see my friends and I at Fairfield Hall in Croydon, answer the following question.

I am of bear like appearance although of no relation, I have a stocky body, short powerful legs, long claws and a tail that is stompy. My colouring is black and white although not all over my body. What animal am I from the classic tale One Snowy Night: A: Rabbit, B: Badger C: Hedgehog.

Email the correct answer to
The competition is open to schools and the public.
If you are entering from a school, please state which school you attend.
Closing date Friday 11th Jan 2012 10am. Competition winners will be notified by email on Friday 13th Jan 2012 12 noon.
Good luck!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


By Christophe von Hohenberg

ColdHarbour London     

Private view - Wednesday, 7th December 2011 - 6-9pm
Exhibition runs until 22nd January 2012. 

This December Coldharbour London Gallery will be exhibiting The Day The Factory Died, a collection of never-before published photos by acclaimed Fashion Photographer Christophe Von Hohenberg, of Pop artist Andy Warhol's memorial service at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1987.

Curated by Aretha Campbell, the exhibition will bring together letters from the memorial, photographs, as well as works by Warhol himself. Published in conjunction with the exhibition, is a bible-like 176 page book featuring a calvacade of celebrities from the world's of Hollywood, Fashion, Pop Music, International Society and Art.

Coldharbour London Gallery
26-34 Southwell Road, LondonSE5
For further information please visit