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Monday, 30 May 2011

Thurston Moore: Plays at Union Chapel London 31st May 2011.


Thurston Moore will be In London on Tuesday 31st May at the Union Chapel  to celebrate the release of his fourth solo album Demolished Thoughts produced by Beck Hanson the album launched on the 23rd May is available to download or purchase from leading music outlets.

Moore's one-date London show is set to be very different than we are used to hearing from the SonicYouth main man. This beautiful album features acoustic guitar and vocals and classic songwriting from Moore other featured artists violinist Samara Lubelski, harpist Mary Lattimore, bassist Bram Inscore, drummer Joey Waronker and Beck.

"Demolished Thoughts’ is an equally beautiful and brooding work ; while there’s more than a few tonal similarities to some of your favorite Moore compositions from years past, the execution this time around is nothing short of staggering". Matador Records 2011.
A Sonic fan since being invited to their first London concert 02/09/2004 and subsquent concerts to most recent New Years Eve, I am hoping to attend this concert it would be great to be in the presence of Moore again his warm up beat persona. It's aways great hanging out with the guys on and offstage. Just a little F.Y.I they love Green and Black chocolate!

Concert Details
ARTIST: Thurston Moore

SUPPORT ACT: Michael Chapman
VENUE: Union Chapel, London, UK
DATE: Tuesday 31st May 2011
VENUE ADDRESS: Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN
VENUE TELEPHONE: 020 7226 3750
AGE RESTRICTIONS: All ages. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.
DOORS OPEN: 7.30pm
CURFEW: 11.00pm

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crowd by Crow Theatre

We arrive at The Secret Garden Pub to an atmosphere of anticipation and mystery, we purchase our drinks and are then ushered to the garden at the rear where we meet the majority of the fellow audience seated in an area to the left of the garden. We locate a seat and just as we are about to get settled a sizable group of people energetically make their way directly through the area we are occupying “Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through!”. The production begins, actors begin asking audience members to help assemble tents they start handing out beer and setting the scene.

A rather timely piece set in an England not too far into the future, government cuts along with the global economic situation have devastated the nation, a disaffected public a have taken to mass protests and decent which have ground the country to a halt. As the country teeters on the brink of collapse power cuts are frequent broadcast’s are limited and the military have been mobilised to try and retain order.

We join our group of individuals from varying background’s as they set up camp for the evening prior to the mother of all protest’s the following morning, during the course of the night we see the group argue, have fun, confront their own preconceptions, pull together and ultimately triumph.

Posted by Michael.

Eclectica, A Vintage Gem!

Eclectica located at the western end of Wandsworth road, a real treasure trove. this is a vintage second hand shop which offers such a diverse array of items from the weird to the wonderful, the kitch to the classic.

On entering the shop you are greeted by a visual feast of colour and chaos with items to catch the eye of any visitor who truly appreciates character and vintage. On initially discovering this shop I immediately became compelled to return with my camera and my wallet such was the intrigue created by the aesthetic which immediately formed very good and lasting first impression.

The shop is owned and run by Samm a very trendy approachable individual with a keen eye for the extraordinary in the mundane, a vast collection of iconic items are present either forgotten by time or passed over by the lacquer and speed of today’s pop and information culture. In a world where everything is new improved and homogenised. Eclectica provides an oasis of difference, nostalgia and history.

Wondering around this shop envelops me in memories of bygone era's, and thoughts of the stories these item's would tell if they could talk, of peoples live's, habit's and interest's. The visual nature of the shop invites visitors to take a little time to explore this truly interesting environment.

803 Wandsworth Road,
Tel 0207 622 6844
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

Posted By Michael.

Friday, 27 May 2011

May Half Term Events for your Diary!

Saturday 28th May
Polka Theatre Wimbledon
Box Office 020 8543 4888
Three Billy Goats Gruff and Other Furry Tales
See your favourite fairy tales come to life in this puppetry show featuring the three little pigs and the big bad wolf and Goldilocks and the three unsuspecting three bears and the classic Three Billy goats.
Suitable for ages 3+

Sunday 29th May –Monday 30th May
National Family Week,
Clapham Common
The National family Week kicks off in style with this free day two day event.
This brilliant two day family event will provide entertainment, activities and free giveaways. The main satge will have dance acts, Lazy town star Sporiticus and family fun games.
For more information go to

Tuesday 31st May

Orleans House Gallery
Lifesize drawings for Children with Disabilities
10am-12 noon.
Experiment with different ways of drawing, using varied materials to draw as large as your body and so small you need a magnifying glass.
Suitable for ages 8+
Charges apply booking is essential 020 831 6000

Family fun Day in the Park Wimbledon Park
A fun filled afternoon of family entertainment, with a sports day races, rounders, and a children’s entertainer. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Parents must book a place. Please bring food for the picnic.
For more information 020 8788 4379

Storytelling, Chesterton Junior School,
A workshop in which you can act out your favourite stories and get involved in the drama project.
For children and young people aged 8-14 years and their mums and dads.
To book your place please call 020 871 8626

Wednesday 1st – Thursday 2nd June
Amphibians and Reptiles,
London WWT Wetland Centre, Barnes
Meet these shy creatures and learn about their habitats. This event is part of Animal Encounters Week. For more information 020 8409 4400
Or go to

Friday 3rd June
Behind the Scenes:stage combat workshop, Polka theatre, Wimbledon
Meet the fight stunt choreographer from the last summer production of Pirates! You will be taken through manoeuvres and techniques that make stage fighting safe but convincing.
Suitable for ages 8-13. Charges apply.

Saturday 4th June
Pirate Picnic, Tooting Common Café Streatham
Meet other ship mates, find hidden treasure and take part in story telling and arts and crafts. There will be a fancy dress competition at 12.20pm. For children and young people aged 0-16 years. Children must be accompanied by a parent. Drink and fruit will be provided but please bring a picnic.
 For more information please call 020 8871 8626

Sunday 5th June
Sunday carnival Art
Carnival Kites, Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham

Enjoyable Arts and crafts session, make your own carnival kite. Suitable for children aged 4+. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
 For more information go to

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Introduction of new fees at Battersea Park Adventure Playground

Image: Will Martindale Battersea Labour Party.
 Wandsworth Council have unveiled their plans to start a pilot scheme at  Battersea Park Adventure Playground (BPAP) charging children £2.50 to use it at Weekends from October 2011.

These fees have been introduced to encompass staffing of the park during peak hours, the high cost attached to Health and Safety and overall maintenance of the park. The financial constraints on the council have resulted in BPAP having to generate money from it's users. At present no plans have been disclosed as to charging on Weekdays and during the school holidays and term times. 

As you can imagine their has been local discontentment to this fee along with other slashes to local services in the borough which has had an impact on local families. Ken Livingston Labour's Candidate for Mayor of London and Sadiq Khan Labour MP are in support of councillor Tony Belton's new petition against Wandsworth Conservative's plans to put a 'tax on play' and showed up in full force to Battersea Park Adventure Playground on Saturday 21st May to speak to the locals about their concerns. Both Labour representatives have been very vocal in their opposition to these plans:

Sadiq Khan at Battersea Park showing his support against the introduction of new fees.

    "It will be children from the poorest families who lose outSadiq Khan.

Ken Livingston at Battersea Park showing his support against the introduction of new fees.
 "I believe London's Playgrounds and parks should be free for London's families. I am deeply concerned at this attempt to turn publicly funded playgrounds into areas which only the rich and privileged can enjoy" Ken Livingston.

 One thing that is clear is the BPAP fee will surely affect poorer families with 2+ children, free activities in the borough which aids social, explorative, emotional and physical development should be protected under Local Play Strategies, and Every Child Matter's to support inclusivity removing all barriers associated to play. 

If you believe the £2.50 charge to be unfair sign the petition at or 
e-petition ends on the 4th June 2011

Thank you to Battersea Labour Party organisers Will Martindale and Andy Fearn and Michael Mapp for the Images.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

ALRA Summer Season of Theatre has arrived!

Photo by Michael Mapp
All Rights Reserved.
ALRA (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) is 30 years old. Founded in 1979, Situated on the northen edge of Wandsworth Common in the magnificent Grade II listed Royal Victoria Patriotic Building. ALRA is the first drama school to offer a training which encompasses all media: Live Theatre, TV & Film and Radio.
This year ALRA summer theatre productions are aimed at younger audiences Skellig is suitable for ages seven and up, and Junk and Sandholm are aimed at the over 14s, featuring ALRA's Third Year students. Several students already have professional credits lined up; Chris Ashby’s episodes of Doc Martin and Holby City air soon, and Stephanie Winiecki will spend the summer with the National Theatre on Emperor and Galilean. ALRA’s three productions involve partnerships with theatres, theatre companies or festivals, bringing an invaluable edge to the actor's final performances at ALRA (the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts).

Image All Righs Reserved Michael Mapp
Rachel final year stage management and technical theatre
 David Almond's Skellig comes to the ALRA Theatre as part of the 2011 Wandsworth Arts Festival.

This end of year drama school production, directed by Phil Clark of the original Brimingham Stage company Production is one to watch with the children.The amazing one to watch with the children.The amazing Skellig set has come all the way from  Broadway and has been skillfully fitted by the students on the Stage Management and Technical Theatre course. The Skellig and Junk will be touring the Tara Arts after their run at the ALRA Theatre, marking their fourth and fifth visits to the Tara Studio.

 Skellig set. All Rights reserved Michael Mapp
Wednesday 18 – Friday 20 May, 7.30pm. Saturday 21 May 3pm
By David Almond
Directed by Phil Clark
Suitable for 7+

Michael’s baby sister is sick, he can’t concentrate at school and the new house is a mess.
Trying to get away from it all, Michael explores the garage of his new house – the walls and ceiling are crumbling away. He discovers a man inside, a man with chalk white skin, almost crumbling away himself. But this man is extraordinary…

David Almond’s Skellig has become an instant classic. The novel was voted by the Carnegie judges as one of the top ten most important children’s novels of the last 70 years. It remains a story about faith and magic in the most unlikely places.

Free ticketed:
020 8870 6475

Tara Arts: Wednesday 1 June, 7.30pm
Tickets: £8.50 (£7.50 concs)
020 8333 4457

ALRA Theatre: Wednesday 8 – Friday 10 June, 7.30pm. Saturday 11 June, 3pm
By Melvin Burgess
Directed by Philip Dart

Suitable for 14+

‘It was a love story. Me, Gemma and Junk.’

Tar is running away from another beating from his Dad. Gemma is just running away.

Life becomes a dazzling riot of colour and drugs and punk and drink and love. They’re out to take anything life can throw at them.

Slowly, heroin creeps into the heart of their lives. Everything falls away in the face of junk. Nothing is safe; everything is up for barter, even love. 

Conor Harte
Lead actor in Junk

Free ticketed:

020 8870 6475
Tickets: £11 (£7.50 concs)
020 8333 4457

ALRA Theatre: Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 June, 7.30pm. Saturday 25 June, 3pm.

Schools matinee Friday 24 June, 2pm.
By Anna Bro
Translated by Mia Theil Have and Max Webster
Directed by Gareth Nicholls
A co-production with Company of Angels.
Suitable for 14+

Sandholm: a huge and bleak asylum centre on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Hundreds of people - dozens of nationalities - live cheek by jowl, trying to rebuild their lives in identical shoebox bedrooms.

A young woman calling herself Job arrives, who speaks to God. She seems to have no past, no tales of her own; she seems to bring small miracles with her.

Anna Bro wrote Sandholm after visiting the centre herself; this play is born out of the stories she heard while she was there.

ALRA, Studio 24, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, London SW18 3SX
Tel: 020 8870 6475 Email: Fax: 020 8875 0789

Tara Arts
020 8333 4457

Many thanks to Amy Smith at ALRA
Photo by Michael Mapp All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Testbed1 May Events

Will Alsop set up Testbed1 to be an exciting and unique arts space. Located behind The Doodle Bar - itself undergoing major renovations and set to reopen on a permanent basis in August 2011 - Testbed1, a converted Victorian dairy warehouse, will host a series of arts events throughout the summer including an Architecture/Visual Arts Exhibition by TAKTAL, a concert by The Sonant Ensemble & The Gavin Bryars Ensemble, The Royal College of Art’s graduate show in June and an experimental art installation involving ninety naked bodies in July. The space aims to encourage both new artists and established professionals to exhibit and perform at the venue.

 Testbed1 &TAKTAL 21st May 2011

Testbed1 & TAKTAL invite you to visit and engage with the experimental art space Testbed 1, as part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival 2011. Through the construction of a series of large scale interactive installations, arts collective TAKTAL will transform Testbed 1 into a space of visual splendor. A combination of Architecture and Visual Arts, each installation will play with and manipulate spatial qualities within the Testbed 1 complex, enticing users to engage with the space and have fun. The exhibition will be a collaboration of ex-students from the Bartlett School of Architecture, Westminster School of Architecture and the Glasgow School of Art. Admission is free and the pop-up doodle bar-on-wheels will be open in the courtyard all day!.

Choral & Acoustic Concert 26th May 2011

Testbed1 invites you to a special one off collaborative concert by The Sonant Ensemble and The Gavin Bryars Ensemble. The concert will take place in the central alcove of the converted building beneath a hanging light installation, designed by Alsop himself.

Testbed1 is at 33 Parkgate Road SW11 4NP

£10 / £8 conc.
Purchased on the door or in advance via:
The Battersea Arts Centre Box Office 020 7223 2223 or

Show starts at 7.30pm

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Fair Trade Foundation:Bunting for Justice - Battersea Park 14th May 2011

Bunting For Justice
Fairtrade foundation Setting up @Battersea Park
World Fair Trade day 13th May 2011

Schools around the UK have participated in the Bunting for Justice a campaign organised by the Fair Trade foundation to raise awareness of West African Cotton Farmers ‘Being Hung Out to Dry’. The Campaign highlights the need for fairer trade rules in cotton. This creative schools project by the Fair Trade foundation  aims to break the Guiness Book of Records for the submission of over 100,000 flags, Good luck!

Cotton Buntings.
 I found out about this event  by chance when I bumped into the Fairtrade foundation when training for Race for Life this morning and had to of course blog about it. It was world Trade Day on the 13th May however an event to highlight the political views of young people through the use of cotton Buntings can be viewed at Battersea Park on the 14th May 2011 12-2pm even bring a picnic! make a Battersea day of it come down after the Battersea Square summer Fair (check blog for more info)

For more information on The Fair Trade Foundation at Battersea Park

Travel Information

British Rail
Battersea Park Station

Exit Station to right along Battersea Park Road, walk 50m to traffic lights.

Right into Queenstown Road, walk 150m, Park is on the left.

Queenstown Road Station

Exit Station to right along Queenstown Road, walk 300m, Park is on the left.

Victoria Station

Get a train to Battersea Park station, or catch a 44 bus.


Sloane Square, then

take a short taxi ride,

or walk 1km south, via Lower Sloane Street and Chelsea Bridge Road,

or take a 137 or 452 bus.

These buses pass by or near the Park: 19, 44, 49, 137, 156, 239, 319, 344, 345, 452

CREATE! Art for Autism 11-25 yr olds. Closing Date 10th June 2011

Do you love creating art? Enter this competition and you could win prizes for you and your school AND see your art displayed in galleries in London and Cardiff!

It’s easy. Just create a piece of art and share it with us. There are 3 categories you can enter, so whatever type of art you like to do, there’s a way you can enter.

Because this competition is about celebrating the creativity of young people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Sydrome, *all* entries will receive a 'Certificate of Creativity'!

Want to enter?

Here's how:

1. Create your own original piece of art in one of the following three categories:

• 2D - e.g., painting; printmaking; drawing; illustration; textiles; collage.

• 3D - e.g., ceramics; sculpture; textiles; metalwork; glass; found materials.

• Digital media – e.g., film; animation; digital photography; digitally generated graphics.

2. Complete an entry form and, before the closing date of 10th June 2011, either:

a) Submit the entry form online together with a digital photograph of your piece of art if you are entering in the 2D or 3D category OR

b) Submit the entry form by post together with a DVD of your piece of art if you are entering the Digital Media category.

Finalists (and 4 guests) will be invited to a Celebration Lunch and Awards Ceremony in Cardiff on 24th July, 2011, when the winners will be announced.

Learn more about how to enter.

Thanking Colin Howarth of  Beechwood College for informing us of this competition, watch this space we have more interesting information to share with you about the college. For now to find out more about Beechwood College and their work their outstanding work visit
Wales' first and only Specialist Residential College of Further Education dedicated to students over the age of 16 years with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Battersea Square Summer Fair

Battersea Square Summer Fair Saturday 14th May 2011
11.00am - 17.00pm

Family entertainment
Live Music and Dance
Over 60 stalls in Battersea High Street leading to Battersea Square

This year promises to be as entertaining as the last Summer Fair!

Battersea Square                    
SW11 3RA

Bus routes To Battersea Sq
From Victoria station take bus no 170 (stand G)
From Clapham Junction take bus no 170 (exit at the back entrance)

District and Circle lines:
Exit at Sloane Square and take bus no 19
Exit at South Kensington and take bus no 49 or 345

Battersea High Street ( 7 mins walk to Battersea Square)
SW11 3JS
Buses 345, 49, 319, 44, 344

For more information

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

FREE Events at Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park All rights reserved Creativehappen London.

On show: Celebrity Celebrations
14 and 15 May, 12 noon-4pm
Experience 1940s glamour at Mordon Hall Park. Celebrate the stars who visited the park in the 1940s and 1950s. Watch the pathe news reel of events. FREE
 On show: Industrial Revolutions
4 and 5 June, 12 noon- 4pm
Discover the fascinating stories of snuff. Take part in a challenge to design and make your own water wheel to generate electricity. FREE

On Show: River of Life
18 and 19 June, 12 noon-4pm
Discover more about the wildlife of the River.
Hands on dipping sessions run throughout the day. FREE

On Show: Planet Pledge
2 and 3 July, 12noon-4pm
Take Part in our planet pledge to take the next step to help save our planet. Exhibitions, displays and information. FREE

Green Day Out
17th July, 12 noon-4pm
Discover how to make your life greener with a range of activities, listen to live bands, and enjoy refreshments. FREE

             Image:CreativeHappen London 2011  All Rights Reserved 

Watercress Week
15-20 May
Sample tasty Watercress inspired dishes.

Best of British
17 September-2nd October
Enjoy great British food to celebrate British Food Fortnight.

Admission FREE
Morden Hall Park, Morden Hall Road, Morden SM4 5JD
Tel 020 8545 6850

Sunday Treasures!

All Rights reserved CreativeHappen London
 Carboot Sundays!

The Battersea Car Boot has grown in popularity over the last five years, now becoming a vibrant place selling playground for stall holders and visitors. The Carboot has a good mix of antiques, vintage, brick a brack, jewellery, music the list is endless. The Battersea Carboot has been listed as one of London's top ten carboots (2008). I live locally and love a bargain and find myself drawn to pop over regularly, there is something for everyone! My three year old daughter has recently asked for pocket money as she loves the books and toys on offer. I would recommend this Battersea Treasure trove which is often compared to portobello for quality goods, you will be supprised at what you will discover! Each month I will be dedicating a visual diary of the the amazing stalls I visit, watch this space!

 Visual Diary: April 2011
All Images All Rights Reserved
Creativehappen London (2011)
Battersea Carboot April 2011
All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London


 Car Boot Details  

Venue Battersea Park School, Dagnall Street, SW11 5AP
Time 11.30am-5pm

Entrance fees £5 11.30am-12pm, £3 12pm-1.30pm, 50p after 1.30pm

Sellers must book in advance on 07941 383 588
Walk in pitches available


Open all year round except two weeks over christmas

Toilets- yes.
Food/ Beverages-yes