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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Eclectica, A Vintage Gem!

Eclectica located at the western end of Wandsworth road, a real treasure trove. this is a vintage second hand shop which offers such a diverse array of items from the weird to the wonderful, the kitch to the classic.

On entering the shop you are greeted by a visual feast of colour and chaos with items to catch the eye of any visitor who truly appreciates character and vintage. On initially discovering this shop I immediately became compelled to return with my camera and my wallet such was the intrigue created by the aesthetic which immediately formed very good and lasting first impression.

The shop is owned and run by Samm a very trendy approachable individual with a keen eye for the extraordinary in the mundane, a vast collection of iconic items are present either forgotten by time or passed over by the lacquer and speed of today’s pop and information culture. In a world where everything is new improved and homogenised. Eclectica provides an oasis of difference, nostalgia and history.

Wondering around this shop envelops me in memories of bygone era's, and thoughts of the stories these item's would tell if they could talk, of peoples live's, habit's and interest's. The visual nature of the shop invites visitors to take a little time to explore this truly interesting environment.

803 Wandsworth Road,
Tel 0207 622 6844
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

Posted By Michael.

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