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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Introduction of new fees at Battersea Park Adventure Playground

Image: Will Martindale Battersea Labour Party.
 Wandsworth Council have unveiled their plans to start a pilot scheme at  Battersea Park Adventure Playground (BPAP) charging children £2.50 to use it at Weekends from October 2011.

These fees have been introduced to encompass staffing of the park during peak hours, the high cost attached to Health and Safety and overall maintenance of the park. The financial constraints on the council have resulted in BPAP having to generate money from it's users. At present no plans have been disclosed as to charging on Weekdays and during the school holidays and term times. 

As you can imagine their has been local discontentment to this fee along with other slashes to local services in the borough which has had an impact on local families. Ken Livingston Labour's Candidate for Mayor of London and Sadiq Khan Labour MP are in support of councillor Tony Belton's new petition against Wandsworth Conservative's plans to put a 'tax on play' and showed up in full force to Battersea Park Adventure Playground on Saturday 21st May to speak to the locals about their concerns. Both Labour representatives have been very vocal in their opposition to these plans:

Sadiq Khan at Battersea Park showing his support against the introduction of new fees.

    "It will be children from the poorest families who lose outSadiq Khan.

Ken Livingston at Battersea Park showing his support against the introduction of new fees.
 "I believe London's Playgrounds and parks should be free for London's families. I am deeply concerned at this attempt to turn publicly funded playgrounds into areas which only the rich and privileged can enjoy" Ken Livingston.

 One thing that is clear is the BPAP fee will surely affect poorer families with 2+ children, free activities in the borough which aids social, explorative, emotional and physical development should be protected under Local Play Strategies, and Every Child Matter's to support inclusivity removing all barriers associated to play. 

If you believe the £2.50 charge to be unfair sign the petition at or 
e-petition ends on the 4th June 2011

Thank you to Battersea Labour Party organisers Will Martindale and Andy Fearn and Michael Mapp for the Images.

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