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Monday, 26 March 2012

Talenthouse: Design Art Work for LadyHawke

Voting has now finished, the winner will be announced today at 6pm GMT. Good luck to all the entrants!
We are always happy to host creative initiatives by Talenthouse, an organisation which connects creative individuals to unique Music, Film and Fashion projects.  

Singer-songwriter  Ladyhawke is inviting all artists including photographers, sculptors and painters to collaborate with her to celebrate the release of her new album Anxiety, out on the 28th May 2012. Ladyhawke, together with Sarah Larnach, the art director behind Ladyhawke’s acclaimed album covers are calling out to creatives to submit a portrait of themselves, friends or public figureheads that tell a story of inner feelings for the chance to have their artwork reproduced on a 12” vinyl sleeve. Artists should take inspiration from the Anxiety album cover and from Ladyhawke’s and Sarah’s quotations when they are creating their artwork.

Vintage Balham

Balham is an area which is close to my heart, my family settled there in the 60s and I spent my childhood and early twenties living in the area. Balham has gone through vast changes and has now become a hugely popular suburban area with good schools, amenities and transportation links to Central London which has been a pulling factor for young professionals and young families. Balham has become the young trendy place to be in Wandsworth with highly acclaimed music venues such as The Bedford and the Balham Bowls Club which has become home to Craft workshops and Creative events. My visit to the area has been to seek out to the best of Vintage, here are the independents I found.

 Quirky Dovetail
24 Ritherdon Road, SW17 8QD 
Quirky Dovetail is Lovely little shop best known for their eclectic range of Vintage and Antique Furniture and Gifts. Situated on the vibrant Ritherdon Road, it couldn’t be better placed. On visiting the shop you get a wonderful sense of community combined with a welcoming atmosphere, shop owners Gill and Andy have clearly built up a good rapport with local and new customers, they seem to know what their customers want! Quality furniture with excellent finishes and of course good customer service. Quirky Dovetail is an independent worth visiting.

Spring events at Quirky Dovetail
Wednesday 28th March-Easter Shopping event
Drop in for complementary wines and nibbles while you browse and receive 15% discount off purchases made on the night.
Free event
Time 6-9pm

Wednesday 25th April-Colours for Home and interiors
These popular interior workshops provide you with the opportunity to discover how to use colour to create different interior styles-with essential tips if you are decorating this spring. Understand and appreciate Farrow and Ball’s fantastic range of neutral colours- and how to use them in your home. Enjoy wine and nibbles whilst taking the opportunity to browse the shop and receive 15% discount on the night.
Tickets £25 per person (limited spaces available)
Booking number 020 8682 2522

Annie In The Attic
71a Balham High Road, London. SW12 9AP
Annie In the Attic Vintage Boutique is the best thing to have reached Balham, and a long time over due, a new vintage boutique with a difference. The mother and daughter duo have brought a slice of East End retro chic and pure indulgence to South London. The boutique is stocked to the rafters with 60s, 70s and 80s items, with some rare finds.

What I loved most about this shop is their customer friendly prices typically vintage clothing prices forces you to raise and eyebrow. You will find investment pieces from vintage icons such as Biba and early Manolo Blahnik. In the newly opened space you will find day dresses and separates alongside amazing accessories. With vintage weddings becoming a popular affair Annie In the Attic have a good range of vintage wedding dresses, plus a range of veils, headdresses and other accessories. Men are not excluded at the Attic there are a range of pieces to tempt. Vintage furniture is also available to purchase so a little something for everyone. Look no further for a shop with a living room feel with the hottest vintage trends.

Events 13th April 2012- Find Annie In The Attic: at The Vintage Event: The Balham Bowls Club. Free Entry 12-6pm
Annie in the Attic will have a stall at the Vintage Event at the Balham Bowls Club. This Monthly Vintage Fashion and Lifestyle Fair provides you with the best selection of best trend led Vintage Fashion Accessories and Homeware.
The Balham Bowls Club, 7-9 Ramsden Road, Balham, London, SW12 8QX
Every second Sunday of the Month.

Lavish Habit
75 Bedford Hill, Balham, London, SW12 9HA
I have regularly driven passed this coffee shop  with the intention of popping in to what seemed to be an interesting coffee shop/ clothing boutique in Balham and hugely popular with mums. So finally I got my opportunity, On what seemed to be a fairly quiet trading period you were able to browse the shop freely. Although the crafted cakes and coffee was extremely tempting, I was simply visiting for the retail experience. To my surprise not only did Lavish Habit stock interesting clothing brands such as Eucalyptus, Fever and Yuki they also produce and sell up-cycled furniture which customers are able to sit on and purchase after slurping on a coffee. I was keen to talk to the owner Nicola, who informed me of their relative new arrival to Bedford hill and their growing popularity with not only locals but bloggers such as myself. This family business has brought a unique slant to coffee culture in Balham.

Events at Lavish Habit
Easter Egg Cosy Workshop
30th March 4-7pm
Make Easter egg cosies choose from different designs, pick and mix fabrics, buttons and trims. Cost £15 includes all materials, tutor and lavish cakes and coffee. Bookings at Lavish Habit 020 8355 1270 or

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother’s Day Special: Creative Mums in Business

Sunday 18th March, marks Mother’s day here in the UK. In celebratory style of motherhood, this year we have featured three London mums who run creative on-line businesses. Like most women such as myself juggling motherhood whilst pursuing our own personal goals can be a challenge. With this in mind the questions in this feature provides an insight into a mumpreneurs life, there is good advice for mums wanting to take the plunge into business, I ask the all important question how do these women achieve work life balance? And of course how will they be spending there special day?

In this article we are shining a spotlight on the mums behind the following creative businesses:

Business: Polka dot plates
Personalised kids tableware
Owners: Jessica and Louise
Mum of three and two.
Jessica and Louise started their business in 2010 when looking to make plastic melamine plates with their children's drawings and found that they couldn't do it in the UK. They couldn't believe that the only way of doing this was through an New Zealand company, so we decided to set up Polka Dot Plates to bring this fab product to the UK market.

Business: Hope and Eden
Children’s soft toys and Decorations
Owner: Yvette
Mum of two daughters

Yvette’s background is in printed textile design and for many years worked as a freelance fashion textile designer. Yvette’s two children inspired her to start producing cuddly toys to keep them company at nights. Since 2009 Hope and Eden is expanding rapidly and now includes silk screened textiles, badges, decorated ceramics and greetings cards.

Business: Lunamano
Girl’s clothing and Accessories
Owner: Carolina
Mum of one
Lunamano was established in 2008 after Carolina gave birth to her daughter. Carolina found when looking in regular shops she could never find lovely ethically made dresses. The influences of her country and culture combined with her skill in hand techniques, such as hand stitching, knitting and embroidery, supported her decision to make dresses for her daughter and now Lunamano has grown to become an ethically sought after brand with material rescue and redesign as it's main philosophy.

The Business…….

What were the ages of your children when you decided to take the plunge to set up your creative business?
Jessica: 4yrs old , 2 years old and 0 months.
Yvette: The girls are now 5 and 6 years old so they were 2 and 3 years old at the time.
Carolina: 2 years old.

What has been your biggest challenge since setting up?
Yvette: Time, I could have expanded it a lot bigger, and I haven’t it was a conscious decision not to, as my children are still young.
Carolina: The biggest challenge is time really. I wish I had more time to focus to give it all my attention, when you are a mum you have to divide things and being a wife, so there is a lot of things on your plate.
Jessica: Time really, We have great ideas but not enough time. Louise has a full-time job so I run Polka dot plate full-time. Louise is the creative side of the business and does a lot of work in the evening. I deal with the clients, the website, PR, gaining business and dealing with enquiries. I commit two days a week to it in the evening.

How do you juggle your business with family life?
Jessica: It becomes part of your life, the kids know everything about Polka Dot Plates. My five year old is well versed in her sales shpeel. It’s a learning curve you have to compartmentalise your life a bit more.
Yvette: I basically work during school hours and evenings, I tend to work on weekends if I have a show.
Carolina: It’s tricky, I tend to do most of my work during the evenings and on weekends, I do markets on weekends. I do admire single mums, as I have the support of my husband I am able to put all my time and energy into my business.

What advice could you give to other mums wanting to venture into the creative sector ?
Jessica: If you have a great idea, then just do it. Try not to have to may overheads in terms of the cost of buying stock you will find you will be are sitting on it. You want an idea which won’t involve a huge cash outlay at first. Do as much of the setting up of the business on your own if you can, read up on setting up your website, don’t spend a lot of money on advertising use what you have available to you such as face book and email newsletters. GO FOR IT!
Yvette: Try not to over commit yourself, you never know when your children will be ill or need that extra attention
Carolina: Be realistic about what you want to achieve, set goals and create to do lists. I find them extremely helpful.

Mothering Sunday……

How will you be spending your Mother’s day?
Yvette: Hopefully my husband has a surprise planned or me with my little ones, I am hoping for breakfast in bed.
Jessica: I will be going to a local pub with my family and my own mum for tea. Hopefully my husband has something up his sleeve. I will be lying in, in the morning hopefully.
Carolina: I don’t know, It’s a surprise, my husband has asked me to keep the afternoon free.

What do you enjoy most about Motherhood?
Jessica: This is a difficult question to answer.There are lots of things, my children are all at different stages. I am getting a lot back from my five year old and developing a good relationship with my daughter. I have two girls and one boy, I guess I am developing a good mother/daughter relationship with her. She is a stage whereby she is learning a lot and I’m enjoying that. My 17 month old is at an amazing age he is starting to chatter. The middle child is just an angel.The children are all very different and I just love that, they all have different characters. I very much enjoy the fact I can do what I am doing and being with them. I’m always at school to pick them up. I’m part of their everyday life but I have something for me - the business.
Carolina: It’s a touching thing being a mum, you have to take care of another human being. When you are having a long day at work and are putting her to bed, I feel she kind of cares for me as well. I never thought that would be the case. She kind of hugs me like “its all okay tomorrow’s another day“. Although she never says these things she is there to take care of me as well. It’s a weird feeling she’s a little girl. She gives me the energy to keep on going again. I love interacting and communicating with her.
Yvette: Watching them change, watching the world through their eyes.It just makes you look at the world differently.

Me time…..

When you want to un-wind de-stress what are you most likely to do?
Yvette: If time allows I run after I drop the children off to school in the park for about half and hour, or I tend to go to exhibitions or visit friends

Creative London….

Favourite place to hang-out in London with the kids?
Jessica: South Bank


Do you find your children tend to help you on Creative Project or with creative ideas?
Carolina: Oh yes, she has a say in a lot and I really like it as an activity we share. Say like the dresses I have a collection of buttons which I have been collecting for years. My daughter helps to select what button goes on what dress. Sometimes you will see a quirky mix of buttons on a dress, she has chosen them. She will pick 5 or six buttons per dress. It’s great because of the joint interaction.

Choosing a business name can be difficult, the name of a business is something that defines any business so how did two of the selected business come up with their names?

How did you come up with your business name?
Yvette: Hope and Eden is named after my two daughters
Carolina: Lunamano means handmade moon in Spanish. Every thing we produce is handmade including the embroidery which is our signature.

Inspiration where do I find it …………..

What inspires you in your designs?
Yvette: I decided to work with the world in which I was immersed in at the time, which was children. I was inspired by nostalgic things that were around things that were bright and animal based and things that I would like to put on my children’s wall.
Carolina: The colours and designs used in dresses have been inspired from El Salvador and my culture. I grew up seeing colour as standard in the streets. As I am away from my country and culture the colour and imagery is brought to life in my dresses. You will find I use nature based imagery such as flowers,rabbits,ladybirds to armadillos.
Jessica: seasonal and cultural and seasonal events, this year has been great with the Olympics and the Golden Jubilee.

What part of London do find creatively inspiring?
Carolina: As I now live in west London it has to be this district. Shepherd’s bush market is inspiring, it was a great place to buy and learn about fabrics, it was a great benefit when I was doing my degree.I really like Chiswick, it’s a great place your just surrounded by childhood and energy.

Background ………….

Tell us about your Fundraising projects?
Jessica: We are involved in fundraising activities through schools, we offer art on a plate projects the schools get the plates at a value rate and this is sold onto parents to make money for their PTA this has also been extended to art on water bottles. We are meeting our targets for this year. Its is all going well. Art on the plate in schools is what we are focusing on.
We have a lot of people signing up to our jubilee plates in schools to be used for Jubilee tea parties in schools. So at the moment I am in the process of sending off templates to schools.On our website we have a free downloadable party kit which you can use if people are planning a Golden Jubilee party.

Would you say your business is ethically driven?
Carolina: Yes I started using left over old fabric within my textile design course at university instead of buying first. This is a practice I have continued within my work. I source my fabric in El Salvador this was accidental when I was doing my thesis at university in 2008 my research investigated, can El Salvador sustain and develop home grown design through this I found factories that produce lots of left over rag etc. The left over fabric was not used for proper use I thought. I started collecting the fabric and producing dresses in El Salvador using untreated cotton with no pesticides which is not bleached, these dresses using this type of fabric content became the classic dresses now our best selling range. The off-lines are made of a mix of polyester and cotton from left over fabric became the economical range. The luxury range has more embroidery and again left over fabric the fabric is dyed in colours such as red and sky blue. I find the untreated fabric looks so natural and much better than cotton. People really like it. As my business is growing I knew I couldn’t’do the work by myself so I went back to my country to remote areas of El Salvador to the west of the country to find a workshop and women who could work with me. I was interested in providing them with a decent wage and good working conditions, In El Salvador achieving this can be difficult sometimes. I now work with three women, my mum and my grandfather.

Any plans……

Do you have any up-coming events?

Yvette: Crafty fox Market is coming up on the 25th March that’s it for now. I am trying to keep it all manageable. I tend to do Commissions works which tides me over.

Jessica: We are promoting our plates for the Golden Jubilee and the London Olympics. We have a lot of themed templates of the Golden Jubilee and London Olympics. We have 2 for the Jubilee and 4 for the Olympics. Leeds Castle are doing craft weekends, people can make a plate and receive 20% off through Leeds castle. This is happening during the Easter Weekend and the Golden Jubilee Bank holiday weekend. We have a few charity events on the horizon.
Carolina: Crafty Fox Market, Dogstar Brixton-24th March
Pulse Trade Show 10th -12th June
Vintage Festival 13th -15th July
Thames Festival 8th -9th September

A big thank you goes out to Carolina, Jess and Yvette you all were a pleasure to interview, I hope you all have a fab Mother's day 2012. Thank you to Sinead Crafty Fox Market organiser for leading me to your regular crafty foxers.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March 2012: Collaborative Exhibitions

Image Cleo Mussi Sushi

Image Matthew Harris Textiles 

2nd MARCH – 14th APRIL 2012

A Joint Exhibition by Matthew Harris and Cleo Mussi
At Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA)
Renowned textile artist, Matthew Harris widely known for his abstract pieces that explore repetition, pattern and the disrupted journey of line and image across and through the surface of cloth. Collaborates with Internationally recognised Mosaic artist, Cleo Mussi best known for her humorous twists and attention to detail collaborate in their very first Joint exhibition, at the Contemporary Applied Arts.

Inspired by a recent trip to Japan, the show explores ideas and imagery gleaned whilst exploring the temples and gardens of Kyoto, the art galleries and architecture of Tokyo and the Naoshima Inland sea.

The content of the show is in two halves; whilst Harris's cloth works are abstract compositions, leaving the viewer time for contemplation. Mussi's figurative mosaic wall panels represent the mad chaos, moderproduction and contemporary imagery that is the flip side of Japanese culture. The works by Harris and Mussi reveals a shared language that involves the repetitiveconstruction of whole complex images from pieces of cloth, paper and reclaimed ceramic. The process of fragmenting materials, its reconstruction and echoed imagery is the artists’ common ground.

With inspiration ranging from tea bowl fragments, traditional Noren room dividers and calligraphic fly stickers (Harris) to Japanese Kokeshi dolls, 50/50 at CAA promises to be a highly original, colourful and fascinating exhibition. Everything in the exhibition will be available for sale with prices for both artists’ work starting at around £260

CAA- Contemporary Applied Arts-
2 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DD
 Admission free.
Mon-Sat 10-6pm Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Image: Kapil Jariwala Gallery

8th March-11th March 2012
The Library Space
The inaugural of Joze London at the Edwardian School Library proved successful in 2011, Joze London curator’s Jose Waldie, Georgina Mascolo and Emma de Clercq return with a whole host of new collaborations. The fair will feature works from seven galleries from all over the UK, showcasing diverse range of artists such as Irving Penn, Gary Hume and Sophie Smallhorn in the unique surroundings of The Library Space.

Admission Free
Opening times 12-7pm
The Library Space,
108 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 44Y.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

March Events: Love Crafts and Vintage?

We love all things Crafty and Vintage here at CreativeHappen London, having attended a few events generally I walk away thinking we have such immense talent here on the UK Craft scene. Now I tend to find myself considering Crafts fairs as a place to go shopping during seasonal periods as opposed to the High street, I feel nothing beats buying direct from the artist-maker, I’m sure you agree with me?

Spring has arrived and so has the start of pop-up Craft and Vintage events in London Crafty Fox‘s Spring Market to Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair return back to their eagerly waiting public. We have found craft fairs are now proving popular with many Craft Fair’s popping up in and around London, sometimes it feels a tad difficult to keep up with them all. The plus side is local talent are given the opportunity to showcase their crafts and wears further boosting the craft economy.

For those of you who love more regular Artist-Maker events Spitalfields Traders Market in Crispin place, is highly recommended. Stalls at Spitalfields range from Contemporary and Vintage Fashion, Home Interiors to Bespoke Children’s Toys. If you happen to be down there on a Friday stop by and visit the lovely Angela designer/owner at Str(angela)nd this independent brand provides progressive fashion for women, from reclaimed, organic or ethically produced fabrics. Something a little different is the Battersea Carboot Fair, you will find Vintage, Furniture to Instruments all may appeal to a budding Stylist, Interior Designer or budding Musicians. Let us know what gems you found!

Vintage Fair at The Doodle Bar
Saturday 3rd March, 1-7pm
The Doodle Bar will be having our first ever Vintage Fair on Saturday 3rd of March between 1pm-7pm.
Located in the heart of Battersea, the Doodle Bar is a hidden gem! This burgeoning creative hotspot in the South of Battersea, is a lovely place to have a drink and also seek out Beautiful clothes, jewellery and quirky old bits ‘n’ bobs at their first ever Vintage Fair.
Location: 33 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP

Pop-Up Polka Fair!
First Sunday of each month, beginning Sunday 4th March
11am – 4pm, Free
All ages
Pop into Polka on the first Sunday of each month for a free pop-up fair featuring handmade crafts, gifts and delicious treats! Young people can enjoy Polka’s playground and the café will be open as usual.
Location: 240 The Broadway, London, SW19 1SB

Image courtesy of Anita's Vintage Fashion Fair
Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair - Mother’s Day Special
Sunday 18th March
Entry £2-£1 Concessions and Students with ID (children under 16 go free)
The mother of vintage fairs celebrates their 8th Spring fair at the idyllic 20th Century Theatre set in the heart of vibrant Notting Hill. Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair is renowned for showcasing the very best in Vintage clothing, Accessories, Jewellery and Textiles dating from 1800 to 1980s. The fair has been referred to as an Aladdin’s cave of real treasures by Time Out. Anita offers a unique experience to all appreciators of Vintage fashions whilst paying homage to Mothering Sunday, 28 exhibitors have been carefully selected for the event, there will be on hand alterations by Recycle and Sew. A dedicated personal vintage fashion sylist by KatsEye style will be at hand for styling advice on the day. As it Mothering Sunday, mums collect a free flower on entry!
Location 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2QA

Crafty Fox Spring Market
Illustration by Jimbobart
Crafy Fox Spring Market  24th & 25th March
11am - 5pm, Dogstar - Brixton
Free Entry - Children Welcome
Brixton’s favourite Crafty Fox Market is back!! at the Dogstar on 24th & 25th March with a weekend event full of handmade treats. Each day will see an eclectic mix of over 40 different designer-makers transforming the Dogstar into an exciting showcase of local creativity.

Visitors can take part in a range of workshops, relax in the tearoom or visit the nail art booth by Boom Nails. You can even make your own Crafty Fox with the Seaside Sisters, screen print a shopping bag with Mr Wingate, write letters with Letter Lounge, or settle in a cosy corner for a knit and a natter. There’s a busy programme of activities over the weekend with local DJ’s providing the soundtrack.
Location: 389 Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8LQ

31st March 2012 then every last Saturday of each month
Wonder Hill Market
11-5pm, The  Miller, London Bridge.
Free Entry
Wonder Hill's handmade and vintage shopping event returns to The Miller. This end of month event provides a platform for local designer makers and vintage collectors to showcase and sell their wares. Wonder Hill is a fun alternative to high street shopping!
Location: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, London. SE1 3SS
Transport: London Bridge and Borough tube

West Yorkshire Playhouse and Talawa Theatre Company Present All Black 'Waiting for Godot'

Waiting for Godot:
 Image Richard Hubert Smith
Waiting for Godot
The Albany Theatre – London

Tuesday 6th– Saturday 10th March 2012
Saturday matinee, 3pm.
Time 7.30pm .
Age 15+
Tickets from £8
Running time 180 mins

Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece Waiting For Godot produced with Talawa Theatre Company and directed by Artistic Director Ian Brown, makes history, this is the first Waiting For Godot to be produced in the UK with an all‐Black British cast, Jeffery Kissoon and Patrick Robinson as Vladimir and Estragon.

Two old homeless men Vladimir and Estragon are waiting for a visit from the indescribable Godot which forces them to pass the time in the only way they can; with and for each other. Stories are told, boots are abandoned, religion is debated, memories of better days are shared, jokes are made, suicide is contemplated, the fear of being alone is overwhelming – and time passes. Chance meetings happen, arguments take place, thinking occurs, violence is advocated, hats are exchanged, friendship is venerated  and time passes. They are waiting for the one who never comes. They are waiting for Godot.

Novelist, playwright, poet and theatre director Beckett wrote in both English and French and penned some of the most important works of Twentieth Century literature. The mysterious and universal Waiting for Godot, which was first performed in the UK in 1955 remains one of his most famous and important works.

The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London, SE8 4AG
Box Office 020 8692 4446

Friday, 2 March 2012

Short Film Screening: The New Faces by Dean Chalkley at The Book Club

The New Faces by Dean Chalkley.
Image: courtesy of the Book Club
Thursday 8th March 2012
THE NEW FACES: A SHORT FILM SCREENING & PARTY 6pm - 2am (screening at 7.30pm: duration 20 minutes)
Free entry

The Book Club
100-106 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH
020 7684 8618
Nearest tube: Old Street/Liverpool Street

Dean Chalkley unveiled his successful landmark photographic exhibition almost two years ago ‘The New Faces’ exhibited at The Book Club, a study of eight young ‘Mods’, bound together by their shared passion for smart dressing, rare soul music, socialising and dancing. Dean returns to The Book Club, this time with The New Faces: A Short Film. The film forms a hypnotic visual experience as well as being an incisive and engaging contemporary document. It’s also a pin point in a perennial subculture that began in the 1960’s and has evolved and lives on in this modern age.

Not only will guests be among the first people to view Dean’s new short film, they will be enticed into dancing the night away to a sought-after selection of rare soul, rhythm & blues, ska, Latin and boogaloo! DJs on the night will include Jamie Parr and Tomas McGrath (featured in The New Faces: A Short Film) as well as Dean Chalkley and Si Cheeba (Black Cat).

The book club host many events on a regular basis in the form of cultural showcases, workshops and talks, to find out more about up-coming events at the venue please visit

Something for the Weekend 3rd-4th March 2012: Barbican Weekender: Urban Stories

Parkour Photo Credit Johnathan Lucas
 Image courtesy of the Barbican. 
Barbican Centre, London, UK Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 March 2012, 10am until late.
All events are free (except evening concerts in the Hall) Part of BBC’s Music Nation and the London 2012 Festival.

Themed as Urban Stories – where Shakespeare meets hip-hop. This much anticipated annual fixture in the Barbican’s calendar coincides with the Centre’s 30th anniversary and is a London 2012 countdown event. We stongly recommend visiting this two day event not only is it actioned packed with dance, theatre and music it is inclusive and offers open participation for anyone eager to try something new. Many events and workshops are available for all ages, the majority of scheduled activities are free allowing for Londoners to really get involved!

With up to 40 events on the schedule, we have handpicked 12 for you to add to your diary.
Saturday 3rd 12.15pm, 2pm, 3.30pm & 5.30pm; Sunday 2.15pm, 5.30pm & 6.15pm
Free Running & Parkour
Be wowed and amazed by the jaw-dropping and gravity-defying stunts performed by Storm free runners. You’ll look at our Barbican foyers in a whole new light…. Not for the faint hearted!
Presented in partnership with Streets United.
Location: Foyers
Free event

Saturday 3rd 12.45-1.35pm Sunday 3.15-4.15pm
Hip-hop Shakespeare Lyric Writing Workshop
The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company.
Founded in 2009 by MOBO award-winning UK hip hop artist Akala, The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company presents a series of energetic ‘Hip-hop Shakespeare’ workshops that explore the social, cultural and linguistic parallels between two of the world’s most famous literary art forms. This workshop is for everyone: even if you are not a fan of hip hop or Shakespeare, you are guaranteed to have fun with words and rhyming.
Location: ClubStage
Age 7+
Free, drop-in

Saturday 3rd 2.15-3.15pm & Sunday 1.15-2.15pm
Street Dance workshops- Blue Boy Entertainment
Impress your friends by learning some classic street dance moves with top artists from award winning
Barbican artistic associates, Boy Blue Entertainment.
Location: ClubStage
Free, sign up on the day
Age 7+

Saturday 3rd 4.45pm
Live performance-Blue Boy Entertainment
Don’t miss this opportunity to watch dancers from hip hop dance company Boy Blue Entertainment as they take over the ClubStage with their trademark moves in this one off performance. Not to be missed!
Location: ClubStage

Blue Boy Entertainment.
Image courtesy of the Barbican.
Saturday 3rd 6.30pm & Sunday 4.45pm Hip-hop Shakespeare Live
Akala and THSC present Hiphop Shakespeare Live, featuring rappers, singers and poets supported by the renowned THSC live band, undiscovered young talent & special guests all performing a medley of songs inspired by scenes/themes from famous Shakespeare plays and sonnets. All ages are welcome to attend this fantastic display of public performance and audience participation.
Location: ClubStage

Sunday 4th 11am – 7pm
Opera in a Day The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company
Join The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company on a musical journey exploring one of William Shakespeare’s classics retold in a modern day opera. From rap to hip hop dance, poetry and performance, join in a day long event fusing Shakespeare, opera and live hip hop music with dance. Directed by award winning hip hop artist Akala, featuring composer/pianist Paul Gladstone-Reid MBE alongside guest collaborators from the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Boy Blue Entertainment. Please note: this event is a day long workshop, culminating in the opportunity for you to perform on stage in the Barbican Theatre at 6.15pm. Your participation is required for the full day of the project (11am– 7pm). Registration from 10.30am, Garden Room (Level 3). Free – limited availability. Call the Barbican Box
Office on 0845 120 7511 to book your place. Age 10+. Open to all levels of experience.

Sunday 4th 12pm
Globe town Performance- Dialogue
Inspired by the urban stories of the city, 100 young people from East London and musicians from the
Guildhall School of Music & Drama have created music that travels across the Barbican foyers
and takes you through the well known story of Hansel and Gretel told from a different perspective.
Location: FreeStage & Foyers

Sunday 4th 2.30pm & 4.15pm
Word Up! Soweto Kinch
Award-winning saxophonist/ hip hop artist Soweto Kinch freestyles your words. Think of London and you think of? Pick up a postcard in the foyer and in a word or two, summarise what London means to you. Post in the Word Up! tombola and on Sunday afternoon, Soweto will pick words at random to create new urban stories with music and rap.Word Up! is produced by Serious
Location: FreeStage

Sunday 4th 3pm
Barbican Young poets
Chill out at the FreeStage and listen to the talented Barbican Young Poets. Aged 14 – 21, the collective of emerging writers will be performing their own work inspired by the theme of urban stories, for your delight and delectation.
Location: FreeStage

Sunday 4th 6.15pm
Opera in a Day Performance The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company
Come and watch our Opera in a Day participants perform their premiere of an adapted version of a Shakespeare play on the Barbican Stage. Directed by award-winning hip hop artist Akala, featuring composer/ pianist Paul Gladstone-Reid MBE in collaboration with the BBC Symphony Orchestra
and Boy Blue Entertainment.
Location: Barbican Theatre

Sunday 4th 7.30pm
Urban Classic Feat. Fazer, Ms Dynamite, Devlin, Skepta and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.
N-Dubz leading producer Fazer and top UK urban artists Ms Dynamite, Skepta and Devlin share the stage for one night only with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, in a unique mashup of musical cultures featuring breakthrough anthems, massive hits and exciting new material. The BBC Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by Jules Buckley, fresh from his collaboration with Basement Jaxx and the Metropole Orchestra, where he is Principal Guest Conductor.
Location: Barbican Hall
Price £10 – £20

Sunday 4th 7.30pm
BBC Symphony Orchestra/ Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright performs the UK premiere of his exquisite settings of five of Shakespeare’s sonnets with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, in a Shakespeare inspired evening. Also featuring readings of the sonnets by Siân Phillips, excerpts from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, and music by Erich Korngold and John Adams. Produced by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.
Location: Barbican Hall
Tickets £12 – 40

Address: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS
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