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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shape Open: The winners 2012

Shape Open Exhibition 2012 closed its doors on the 6th May, and luckily enough we managed to get down at the final hour, I was intrigued to see featured works from disabled and non disabled and how the artists would interpret the word disability as defined in the Oxford dictionary. A job well done, over 30 artists who were selected produced works that were emotive, potent and most of all symbolic, transmitting political and social messages surrounding the perception of disability.

On entering the exhibition my eyes was drawn to Ilsum Maeng’s piece later to discover by the event organiser Ben Fredricks this piece won Joint first place award.
Blurred Portrait - Ingeun (2010), which depicts the portrait of her husband as seen by the visually impaired artist.

Lauren Nicholas won Joint first prize with her short film An Ageing Thing, a stop motion animation telling the story of her grandfather- Looking at the changes individuals make to deal with old age- find the artists work here

The People's Choice prize selected by gallery visitors was awarded to Luna Jung-eun Lee for her painting the Anonymous Cheol-Su, North, (2010).

One of our favourites Arthur and the Vandellas

Image: Performer Tonny A

A triple portrait of performer Tonny A, Tonny appears as Arthur and the Vandellas based on the famous girl group. This piece signifies that we can be whatever we chose regardless of race, gender or disability.

Shape Art executed a memorable event and we are looking forward to next years open event, find out more about this outstanding charity here

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