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Monday, 21 March 2011

For the Family: A Photographic Exhibition not to be missed: Unseen Encore ended on the 5th April 2011


Iconic Subjects and Landscapes by Artist/Photographer Michael Mapp in a remarkable exhibition end April 5th 2011. New exhibition to be announced shortly.

Wandsworth Artist/Photographer Michael Mapp in this rare opportunity will be showcasing his contemporary visual photography at the Exhibit Balham. The exhibition has been running since October 2010, although not heavily publicised this exhibition is one not to be missed. The artist has two collections on display his Iconic music collection and visual Landscapes.

Exhibition preview
Courtesy of MichaelMapptv


 The Crush Room  showcases The Sonic Youth Collection this influential 80s American Indie Band, who gained a reputation through their experimental nature with their instruments and vocals which changed the shape of Indie music in the US. The band are extremely respected in the music and Arts scene here in the UK and around the world and will be in the line-up for The Japan Benefit Concert on the 27th March 2011 (view link)
The Japan Benefit Concert raises$33k

Sonic Youth on stage in London : Countdown to the New Year 2011
Courtesy of MichaelMapptv.

I feel extremely privileged to have personally had the opportunity to have met the band for a number of years including my three year old who Thurston Moore was blown away with! I get a little star struck at times especially when in the presence of Kim the only female band member and Bassist, not to mention a mum she's an Icon i'm such a big fan.Thanks to the artist in question and Daniel Mapp the bands longstanding Tour Manager for making the experience memorable.

The lovely band for many years have given permission for the Artist Michael Mapp to document their UK ATP tours, this exclusive collection is the first of its kind to be exhibited here in the UK. The Sonic Youth Collection allows the UK public an opportunity to gain a different perspective of this Legendary band.

Further to the Sonic Youth collection Mr Mapp has rare work on display of American cult 90s band the Pavement in their reunion tour at Brixton Academy May 2010, its a shame they are still not making music together anymore as a collective, but have solo projects.Therefore grab the rare opportunity to view the whole band together and soak in stunning pictures of lead singer Stephen Malkmus, and the legend Mark Ibold bass guitarist and the other amazing members.

The artist who is very shy about his work and achievements also has on display his earlier work taken at the tender age of 17 of the great 70s Music Pioneers Parliament Funkadelic a touch of luck put him in the position to photograph them on and off stage and of course the main man George Clinton. View Mapp's stunning black and white collection of the full band as unfortunately the band member Garry Shider otherwise known as "The Diaper Man" passed away on June 16th 2010 RIP.This experience many years ago was to be pivotal in starting Michael Mapp's career in Photography.


In the lovely family restaurant at this establishment view the artists contemporary visual landscapes of London his work highlights the immense talent embedded within London and is something the artist wants to promote in some way for the 2012 Olympic Games, he says 'watch this space'. The Artist informs me on New Years Day the Sonic Tour Manager came down to view his complete collection, which received a big thumbs up! more info on the Artists blog below.

To find out more about the Artist and view his work click on the links below:
http://michaelmapp.wordpress,com/ - Fashion and events

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