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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Artist: Michael Mapp

London based Photographer, Artist and Graphic Designer Michael Mapp, has been dedicated to his photography for a number of years, and has consistently produced strong imagery across multiple genres which includes fashion, landscape, music and portraiture. You will be familiar with Michael's work on this blog, his imagery conveys the some of the best of London's culture and our ever-growing active Creative Capital. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to promote some in-house creative activity. Roots and Wings: International Photography Exhibition 13-24th February 2012 In Crawley, features artists from the UK and Caribbean Michael Mapp being one of them, celebrating the presence of the Barbados, Bahamas,Grenada and Dominica Olympic team in Crawley (further exhibition information below).

Artist Feature: An interview with Michael Mapp:

When did you start your career in Photography?

13 years ago after being handed my first SLR camera by my stepfather while studying art in 1999. I was about 17 years old at the time.

How would you describe your work?

Powercloud Vicinity Collection,
Through the lens:
a new black perspective of British Iconic Landmarks (2004) 
 As a science having learnt photography traditionally with the chemicals, it was a very scientific and hands-on vocation when I began my involvement in the discipline, my love of science inherited from my grand-uncle the late Dr. Esmond Mapp a ground breaking scientist in America, is reflected heavily in my work, in the way I try to use light and metering which is evident in my a collection produced using film with no computer manipulation what so ever. This collection has been highly praised and has been exhibited in London and more recently at the Bargehouse South Bank.

What is your biggest motivator?

My family, their support and encouragement has been what has motivated me over the years. Although they believe my projects are a bit wild, they know how passionate I am. Not forgetting my daughter!

What are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences? that is a vast question, and the initial answer I would give is life and the world around me, I'm an observant type of person so differing environments and scenarios be it political, social, fiscal etc.. They all provide some sort of influence along with, those figures that have gone before producing work by which the standard had been set, people by the likes Nan Golding, Barbara Kruger, Martin Parr, Nick Knight, Glenn Loachford, Testino, Bailey, Newton and Cartier-Bresson to name a few. As photography as a discipline is very vast my influences are too broad.

How can the themes of your work best be defined?

I have become known for my representation of classic beauty, challenging norms and traditional conventions. I have recently become a little more political than before, highlighting Nationalism and Immigration in the UK through my works. I am a Trinidadian who has lived in the UK for almost 25 years now, so now producing strong imagery highlighting belonging and acceptance as an ethnic minority in Britain is what I would say is best known of me at this point.

What projects are you working on?

A Modern portrait of Britain
 from the Can you hear me Britain? Collection
 Well in early 2009, I was elated to produce a new collection of work alongside fellow Trinidadian Haiden Medina from which Can You Hear me Britain? (2009) was derived. This landmark project was to become iconic, first exhibited at the Bargehouse South bank, the first Black conglomerate of Black African and Caribbean artists together and supported by the British Design Council 2011.The complete Can You Hear me Britain? (2009) collection is yet to be exhibited and I am keen to complete the full Nationalism/immigration project internationally in 2012/13.

How important is the Roots and Wings exhibition to you?

Like all exhibitions they all have equal importance, however this one provides me with Caribbean exposure, I am open to new territories.

Apart from photography what else do you enjoy?

Eating lol, any Trinidadian delicacies send my way please! I love aggressive skating, I'm currently teaching my daughter to inline skate. I also enjoy restoring and up-cycling furniture and my work of course.

Find the Michael Mapp here

12 - 24 February 2012
Roots and Wings -International Photography Exhibition

celebrates the forthcoming presence of Barbados, Bahamas and Dominican Olympic teams that will be training in Crawley for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games. The exhibition will be  launching the arts programme which aims to connect artists and communities across traditional, cultural and social and geographical divides.

Roots and Wings is virtually linked to partner exhibitions in Trinidad and Barbados. Michael Mapp's Iconic work from the collection Can you hear me Britain? is  featured in this exciting and vibrant cross-cultural project represents artists from the UK and Caribbean.

This Landmark project by Urban Flo Creative Consultancy in collaboration with the Brighton Photo Finge, Crawley Borough Council and Barbados Commission for Pan African Affair, is a great way to celebrate creative culture here in the UK whilst welcoming Olympic 2012 teams.

Venue: The Hawth, Hawth Avenue, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6YZ
Free Entry
further information here:

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