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Friday, 1 April 2011

March for the Alternative: 26th March 2011

Contrary to the later anarchy that ensued after a peaceful march on the 26th March 2011. The official march organised by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) was a harmonious family day where the big society banded together against the fast and harsh cuts to the public sector by the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government. Since the government's entry into power in May 2010 their "Big Society" and the take over of public services by the private sector has not been widely welcomed. The estimated 500,000 demonstrators started the march at the Thames Embankment at 11.00am east towards the Houses of Parliament, the march then turned up Whitehall, passing down Downing Street and heading into the heart of the West End of London to Piccadilly towards Hyde Park. I am glad to say I was one of the 500,000 attendees, my first march and I doubt the last! The atmosphere was electric, the chants were powerful the visual banners were impressive sending a strong political message. It was lovely to see the vast amount of families present which added to the peacefulness of this well organised official march.

Young tired marcher. All rights reserved Anita Richards.
Large crowd heading towards Hyde Park. All rights reserved Michael Mapp.

Its my future too!
 All rights reserved Anita Richards.

passionate young demonstrator
All rights reserved Michael Mapp.

The sound of music at Hyde Park. All rights reserved Michael Mapp.

As a nation we are aware cuts are imminent however cuts to core sectors such as children's and front line services I'm sure could have been avoided or money saved from other means. The leader the of TUC Brendan Barber's key quotes "where all in this together." "The government are taking us for fools, the British people will not be fooled". "They are cutting services which binds our communities together". "keep people in work keep our economy moving". "This is the beginning of our campaign we have a big society here in Hyde park".

I personally do not agree with the actions of the splinter group however they did send a big message to big businesses and of course the government. I am hoping the Con-Dem Government can review their policy cuts and really get the public out of this gloomy economic plight likely to affect generations. We should take lessons from Germany their current economic growth has been supported by their manufacturing industry they have been adamant to encourage part-time working instead of large queues at their unemployment offices. The government should take note of our Creative Industries here in the UK, with adequate investment, funding and access to good business support this sector could generate vast growth to our economy.

Creative industries facts and figures
•creative industries contributed 5.6% of the UK’s Gross Value Added in 2008
•exports of services by the creative industries totalled £17.3 billion in 2008, equalling 4.1% of all goods and services exported.
(DCMS 2010)

Reported by Anita Richards.


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