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Friday, 8 April 2011

Clapham Common Skate Park

Re-Development: Clapham Common Skate Park

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  The Clapham Common Skate Park is one of Lambeth's gems the facility is located in Clapham Common alongside Rockery Road.
The London Marathon Trust have awarded Lambeth Council £75,000 to redevelop this popular skate park at Clapham Common. The skate park aids the growth of Urban Sports in the UK such as skateboarding, aggressive in-line skating, bmxing.

I was happy to hear from Nick one of the skaters featured in the video is also on the Clapham Common Committee for the re-development of the Skate Park successfully lobbying for change. "The popularity of the park really calls for      more ramps, rails and a half pipe"Michael Mapp (also a featured video skater).

                                         Skaters in Action All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London.

    Skaters in Action All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London.

I've watched the facility grow over the years a skater myself, a very rusty one mind you, I was tempted today to go home and put on my skates and join the guys practicing but just opted to watch them and view their amazing skills and enjoy this glorious April weather. Skating is an excellent sport for the family and really should be encouraged my three year old has been asking me for skates since she was two years old, her feet are almost ready for her first pair X Games here she comes...

A view of the Park on a Warm Sunny April weekend
All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London
All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London

All Rights Reserved creativeHappen London

All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London
  The Re-development of the park gets a thumbs up from us!

To help with this development Joyce Tapper welcomes your support and help, especially on what the skate park should look like, what features it should contain, and how it should be managed.

A short survey form, which asks some simple questions, is still available and can be sent to you, or email or phone us with comments. To obtain a copy of the survey or to tell us what you think, contact Joyce Tapper, Project Manager on or phone on 020 7926 0548
        All Rights Reserved CreativeHappen London

Reporter Anita.

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