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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sunburned Hand of the Man:Cafe OTO London

 Friday 3rd June 2011

CreativeHappen's night out with Sunburned Hand of the Man their first UK show in three years!

Sunburned Hand of the Man formed in Massachusetts in 1997 evolving from a Boston Psychedelic Punk trio Shit Spangled Banner. The group have released numerous tracks on Eclipse and Thurston Moore's Ecstatic peace records as well as their own Manhand label. Since the bands formation they have been regarded as key contributors to the 'New Weird American folk revival'. Current band membership ranges from 3-13 members which contributes to their obscure, unpredictable, motorik space rock, psychedelic sound which is so unique something I have never heard before in the UK. We were pre-warned by founding member John Moloney of the bands improvised nature three nights before, the band are historically known for composition and instrumentation varying from show to show. I always love live shows, quite often I see the line up and never quite know the bands music at all, as I prefer to go with an open mind and quite often I'm turned into a fan. If your a lover of music like myself and open to new sounds your sure to appreciate this band.

Members on stage at Cafe OTO

John Moloney

Paul LeBreque

Mary Lattimore

Other band members include/ have included Valerie Webb, Chad Cooper, Phil Franklin, Marc Orleans, Rob Thomas, Ron Schneiderman and many more...

 Signed copies exchanging hands

To find out more about the band visit

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