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Monday, 6 June 2011

ATP Present's Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts

ALL Rights Reserved MICHAEL MAPP 2011

 On route to the historic Union Chapel venue I had conflicting thoughts a church which hires its space to live musicians mmmm..! what to expect? The grade II listed Islington landmark displays striking Victorian gothic architecture, is quite enchanting and lends itself well to the muted splendor of Thurston Moores live performance of his fourth album release Demolished Thoughts a fabulous venue choice by ATP.

All Rights Reserved MICHAEL MAPP 2011
The acoustic sound of the folk guitars, harp, violin, drumming and vocals coupled with the acoustics of the venue was pure brilliance, such a relaxed therapeutic sound was absolutely mesmerising our favourite tracks of the evening Mina Loy, Benediction, In silver Rain with a Paper Key and Circulation (very Sonic Youth-esque) hats off to drummer John Moloney and Harpist Mary Lattimore and the melodic sound of the violin. Overall a very creative album a new musical chapter for Thurston Moore, what an enjoyable evening and an album worth purchasing.

All rights Reserved MICHAEL MAPP 2011

Demolished Thoughts Released on the 23rd May 2010 to preview of purchase visit link below:

To find out more about the Influential Thurston Moore and the Legends Sonic Youth

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