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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair.

Pretty Taxing by Pam Hogg
limited edition tax disc holder

A rather rainy start to father's day which totally didn't prepare me for arts seller's, art lovers and the sun turned out with a respectable force at the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair which included some of the biggest names in UK art present with their pitch's and item's, an absolutely amazing opportunity to get close to the artist's.

Renegade Potter
On arriving to the car boot sale, my first time at the Vauxhall Arts Car Boot Sale and the first time visiting the Old Truman Brewery. I found myself pleasantly surprised as I was not sure what to expect of the atmosphere or the crowd, knowing that a few big names of UK contemporary art would be there. But what fascinated me most was how unpretentious and easy going both the artist sellers and the crowds, walking around soaking up all of the stunning visuals provided by all of the sellers.

Nick Reynolds
Carrie Reichardt
Among the multitude of seller's which were all great, was a lady know as the Renegade Potter: Carrie Reichardt a truly unique talent offering a totally different take on afternoon tea or re-tiling your bathroom these pieces are sure to start a conversation. Her uninhibited creativity and political messages come together well to create challenging statement's, profound ideas with classic irony. Situated right next to the renegade potter was Nick Reynolds sculptor and artist collaborator who's speciality involves the macabre and the surreal combining to produce visuals which are very hard hitting yet sublime, in particular the piece of a young boy holding a grenade in one hand and the pin in the other, this complete stopped me in my tracks a truly striking item.

Renegade Potter

Nick Reynolds

The biggest draw of the event would have had to have been the opportunity to buy something direct from Pam Hogg from the iconic fashion designer herself, same could be said for YBAs (Young British Artists) Gavin Turk and Tracey Emin a key selling point to help you part with some cash, and it must be said that with the reputation which precedes these individuals contrary to what could be assume they were all so approachable and welcoming it was truly a brilliant experience. I will resist the urge to summarise all of the weird a wonderful world of the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair in words so here are a few photo's.

Pam Hogg Casuals

Pam Hogg

Gavin Turk
Gavin Turks Pitch
Tracey Emin
Tracey Emin's Pitch

Tracey Emin's Pitch

Fully upholstered car interior
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