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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

ATP's Don't Look Back. The Flaming Lips performing Soft Bulletin.

My Pass and Hand Backstage.

"Dont Look Back, the series that celebrates classic records performed as the artist intended you to hear them. The concept is ATP's rebellion of sorts towards the ever changing consunption of music and the ipod shuffle generation. " Barry Hogan ATP.

Wayne Coyne onstage about to perform.

ALLTOMORROW'S PARTIES Don't Look Back presents The Flaming Lips performing The Soft Bulletin at Alexandra Palace supported by Deerhoof and Dinosaur Jr, from that description alone it should be widely accepted it going to be a good show. The grand stature of this building is an ominous prospect for its cavernous size but alas not a problem for ATP even though this Don't Look Back show would be the biggest they have ever done, they really do know how to put together the freshest line-ups and fill venues.

View from the stage during The Flaming Lips performance. 

Opening the show was the one of the most acclaimed live acts in the world, Deerhoof performing the fan favourite 2004’s Milk Man impeccably, pleasing the crowd and fellow musicians alike with their fantastic live performance. The next act to follow was the influential post punk legends Dinosaurs Jr performing their 1988 classic Bug, an album which heavily influenced the early Britpop scene wowing the audience with their anthemic catalogue.

Wanye Coyne inside the SpaceBall.

Wayne Coyne take first steps onto the crowd.

Coyne far aways from the stage in the SpaceBall.

Then to the final act, The Flaming Lips performing the Soft Bulletin an album released in 1999 to critical acclaim, an album which ended the decade as one of the top three best album of the decade, alongside My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and Radiohead’s OK Computer according to Pitchfork in 2003. The Flaming Lips gave a touchingly intimate performance, Wayne Coyne totally connected with the audience starting with a crowd walk in a space ball, fully involving the crowd then going on to give a truly emotion stirring performance engaging all who came out to experience. This brilliant live performance consisted of songs such as Do You Realise, Waiting For Superman and Race For The Prize. In its entirety the whole show was absolutely brilliant!

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