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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Premier Screening of Robot's of Brixton

Robots of Brixton from Kibwe Tavares on Vimeo.

Alas! the day is here for the much anticipated premier screening of Robot’s of Brixton By Kibwe Tavers and the launch of Factory Fifteen @ the brick box Brixton, a sizable crowd congregated around initially thought were “An Ok turnout“, as the rest of the crowd around corner the cornes it becomes clear to me that this event has had a fabulous turnout, the multitude were strong. A D.J is set up in front on United80 providing a great score to very enthralling scene beautiful people, food. drink and laughter, the bars and eatery’s in the immediate vicinity delivery delicious foods and liquids of your choice. The mood had been set for an interesting and enjoyable evening, the atmosphere is buzzing with smiles of joviality and anticipation.

Kibwe Travers

Kibwe is seen standing in a small clearing in the crowd looking slightly pensive, approached he is asked if he feels proud/pleased/confident of this eventuality? And he responds “ I’m not sure, no one’s seen it yet!, They/you might think it rubbish.” and reveals a subtle smile was it a little cheeky smile or nervous smile generated by the mounting anticipation of the impending premier of such a publicised piece of work.

Eventually the lights are extinguished and on to what appeared to be an artists canvas about 8ftx8ft begins a projection of the animations created by Factory Fifteen that we have all so intently wanted to view. In total their were five short animations, the first four of which were visually very impressive of those four a couple were very surreal although all were challenging the way we look at and perceive space, technology, architecture and humanity.

Animation Artwork Board: Robots of Brixton

The final animation is what people really came out to see, Robots of Brixton by Kibwe Travers a some what sci-fi supposition of the Brixton Riots of the 80’s dealing with the inequities felt by the Nubian population at the time, but this telling of these event are set a future were autonomous robots are subjected to being treated in this way, in a word where exiting buildings become the foundations of what I could only describe as a vertical urban sprawl were compartmentally upward extensions are proliferated without regulation. An absolutely brilliant piece visually, atmospherically superb with a strong narrative. Contrary to Kibwe’s earlier sentiment everyone thoroughly enjoyed his work judging by the solid 2 minutes ovation.

Animation Artwork Board: Robots of Brixton

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