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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Apple Cart Festival: Review.

Sunday 7th August saw The Apple Cart Festival a day which did not promise to be blessed with good weather but still along with a sizable crowd turned out braving the elements for what was all in all a brilliant festival, this not the opinion of a discerning festival goer as it was our first one day festival of the sort and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, not knowing what to expect we arrived sometime after the heaviest deluge of the day to the tail end of what could be described as brilliant festival our focus was predominantly the live music and the Visual Art. We enter to find a full scale fun fair a large blue canopy to the right and brilliant array of food sellers ahead from Venn Street Market situated next to a Bar, so far the layout of this festival promises to be an enjoyable event. Of the Venn Street traders I found myself drawn to the Taco Truck a wonderfully quaint red mini van of sorts converted on to a mobile kitchen fabulously decorated in an eclectic mix mid century pin ups and kitsch imagery in a collaged wallpaper, creating an original aesthetic which really adds to the sense of occasion all to receive a free range chicken soft taco of generous size which actually impressed me considering I’m a big fan of Taco's and burrito's.

We then headed over to the main stage where Tim Minchin was at the piano thrashing out a comedic number, on our way to the main stage the path somewhat led us through the Art Car Boot Sale a concept that we are all for here at Creative Happen. Although the number of seller’s had not been what was expected having recently been to the Vauxhall Art car Boot Sale. We were pleased with the weir’s that were available The Renegade Potter happen to be one of them. The fact Visual Art was present and available to the festival goers totally sat in line with our views on art, availability and accessibility to us the platform of Visual Art at the Festival is a new and exciting format it must be stressed for the avid festival goers we at Creative Happen are new to the wonders of festivals and festival life.


Directly beside the Art Car Boot setup were more Fun Fair Amusements this is surely an events company which is well versed in dealing with an totally diverse audience, through and beyond the amusements there stood a couple of inflatable amusements sure to occupy adults and children alike, situated adjacent to this a further string of eateries providing the discerning reveller’s or children with a smorgasbord of choice from Moos Boosh (a burger company) through to Pizza Express and many other gastronomic stops along the way.

After Minchin’s performance the wondrous nature of this temporary environment beckoned, an exploration had now become the objective whilst exploring we visited a bar, a few of the food stops then we made our way over to the blue canopy to see the Soul II Soul’s performance. A performance well worth the attention of all whom attended, performing classics from the first album Club Classics and second album A New Decade an experience, to behold to see such greats live is truly tremendous with tracks such as “Get A Life” , especially given that directly after their performance we bee lined back to the main Stage to catch some of “The” Saint Etienne playing tracks from there previous bodies of work, of which Tales From Turnpike House which really resonated with me given the events of the previous night in Tottenham which then spread to so many of the areas which she had mentioned in the track. Overall Saint Etienne gave a very strong performance and for us a fabulous note to leave what had been a absolutely enjoyable event. We are already looking forward to the next years Apple Cart Festival four thumbs up from Creative Happen.

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