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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Highlights: Lollibop Festival

The Lollibop Festival "The big bash for little people" lived up to expectations on its opening day, not only were we blessed with glorious weather, we had a brilliant schedule of activities and entertainment to match. A good place to have a good time with family and friends in our case we had three children in tow of varying ages and interests to put Lollibop to the test.

The creative happen tinnies loved the choice this included the Lolliskills area a mini sporting arena sponsored by Fruit shoot my-5, not sure how our little troopers managed to run with fruit shaped objects in the heat, but they did!. They also loved the MiniMission tent, this music orientated tent housed baby loves disco DJing 70s, 80s and 90s classic's. At first we weren't too sure if the kids would like the music as they had a strict policy no tinnie bopper music, netherless our little ones showed their contemporary dancing skills they really enjoy theirselves cutting that rug. I was pleased to hear the company have disco's in and around London. Then on to the Air Vag area, home to the bouncy inflatables to keep the children active the creative happen tinnies were bouncing with joy alongside many other children in this area, which had been perfectly place in close proximity to the adult creche (the Bar) which had ample seating with face painting very close by.

Creative happen's tinnies were very excited about the prospect of watching the Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest play, this was situated in the Lollipalladium tent. The queues were very long, only with a stoke of good fortune we managed to get in. I would personally recommend an adult collect the tickets for any shows in this area on entering the festival, as ticket availablity could be a saw spot.

H&M Tent

Determined to find out from parents about their experience at the Lollibop festival, all parents although seeming more worn out than the children, many stated they had discovered something new about their children not realising their child such as an interest in karaoke or dance. Parents praised the horrible histories performances, DJ Dick & Dom and the creative workshops at the Imagination Stations.

It was clear, both children and adults were bolwed over by the performances on the Lollibop Live stage with energising performances by Zing Zillas, and the favourite of the day and closing act RastaMouse and Da Easy Crew. This popular CBeebies production has taken the UK by storm and rightly so, it was visible their fans not only include the young lolliboppers but the adults alike, young and old were dancing and singing along to their classic theme tune "give it up, give it give up for the crew, always there to make a bad thing good" along with sweet sounds reggae music which I have never heard on the show. It was great to see Michael De Souza the creator of RastaMouse floating around the stage area, who took an instant liking to the creative happen tinnies. What we should have asked him is when is the music CD available to purchase?.

Creative happen tinnies wth Michael De Souza.

Overall the event had a good variation of food, snacks, and products for children. I would recommend visiting Love Da Pop, they have a tasty range of popcorn, white chocolate and caramel to name a few, watch out for these independents who will be on the Dragon's Den on Sunday 7th Aug. Good news there are cash machines present, which you will need! Our advice is to plan your day at the festival using the schedule, as you will find you may not get an opportunity to see everything due to the vastness and popularity of the activities and events.

Loves Da Pop's Christian

For those who went to the Lollibop Festival  2011 how did you find the event?

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