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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Folk Fest @ The Bedford, Balham.

Thursday 28th July at the Bedford in Balham saw the final night of the London Folk Fest which took place from the 25th to the 28th July in the globe theatre, a novelty in itself. The line up included The Robinson's, Lucy Rose and Jaime Lawson in that order performing a few tracks from their own respective repertoire’s.

Of the three acts the one that truly synchronised with my frequency was the delightful Lucy Rose, her harmonious notes and enchanting style alongside melodic strings consisting of 2 guitars accompanied by a cello, just enough instruments to really display her strength as a song writer. Of the tracks Lucy performed "Night Bus" really was instantly adored, her current single is entitled “Middle Of The Bed” (A self release available on itunes, she also happened to feature in The Sunday Times on 07/08/2011).

On to The Robinson's a current high energy folk band, their sound could be described as folk with hints of modern pop culture, their performance was engaging along with a strong stage presence and a sense of humour which further added to what was a good performance.

Last but not least was Jaime Lawson a more accomplished artist seeming relative familiar with his surroundings delivered a comfortable performance of songs that were very easy on the ear. In all the very intimate venue only added to a night of good live music.

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