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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

AACDD Exhibition Review.

"Cry Of A Caged Bird"
 Artist Rohan Clarke UK.
Bronze Award (drawing)
"Art by offenders"
National Exhibition Royal Festival Hall 2010.
We are now one month on from the end of AACDD's (African & African Caribbean Design Diaspora) exhibition Choice's @ The OXO Tower Bargehouse on London's South Bank. An absolutely marvellous show a London first, whereby for the first time under one roof such a large group of artist's from across the African Diaspora have contributed to such a vast show, over 4 floor’s of art and design with artists' displaying work ranging from fashion and textiles through to product design, photography and fine art. This exhibition was truly an event to behold not just for the fact that I (Michael Mapp) happened to be a featured artist, it was for the fact that the work on display was a refreshing mix of contemporary and traditional pieces from stunningly engaging work in pencil: to the swooning lines of a collection of stone sculptures by Gary March and innovative design ideas. A very well recieved event at around 5000+ atendee's with an overwhelmingly appreciative tone among the guest's, the exhibition was so rich in diversity and talent as word may not best convey the events aesthetic's please see the images below.

The Ground Floor was home to the live African Music, Gary March, Alexarnder Mulligan, Agenda and more...

Alexander Mulligan

Furniture and Interior Designer UK

Alexander Mulligan
Furniture and Interior Designer UK

Drummer under Text By Anselmo Pelembe
Graphic Designer, Photographer, Artist.

Gary March
Contemporary Sculptor UK

The First Floor comprised of Fine Art paintings and intallations, Graphics and Video.

View of the First Floor on the right Margret Hanson
Straight ahead Juliette Goddard Artist UK.
Bejro Mouanga
Visual Artist , Graphic Designer
Czech Republic.
Michael Nab
Artist UK.

The second floor held Furniture, Photography, Graphic Design, Fine Art and Products

Foreground: Herman and Fola Morgan
Architects and Designers M-A&D UK.
Background: Yinka Ilori
Furniture Designer UK

Adjani Okpu-Egbe
Fine Artist UK.

Jonathan Hagos Architect UK.

Jonathan Hagos Archietect UK.
"Drawing With Light"
 Robertson Lindsay,
Architect, Designer, Photographer UK. 
<><><> Aselmo Pelembe Graphic Designer, Photographer Artist Uk
Michael Mapp
Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer UK

The third floor housed Illustrations, Fashion, Textiles, Sculpture, Neon and Decorative Ornaments.

Akeisha Walters,
 Fine Artist, Illustrator UK.
Akeisha Walters
Age 21
How did find this exhibition?
I found it and all round different experience as it was my first exhibition, before I did fashion so it’s a new experience its a new crowd of people, new vibe and environment. This was my first step into the art world and it has opened me up to a wider audience, a more international audience, so I was able to get different perspectives on what people thought about my work and where I could go with it.
How has this exhibition helped you?
In a different way as it was a non profitable event I found my self having to sell myself and my work speaking to people about myself and my work. Going forward it can be placed on my C.V which would look good it has also given me a lot more self esteem in terms of aspiration and approaching other events.
How do you feel now the exhibition is over?
I felt sad as I didn’t want it to end if I’m honest as I do have an emotional connection to my work which I have been told I shouldn’t have because if someone buys it then I have to let go. I felt very proud of myself for producing a very good collection, previously the only feedback that I had received was from my mum so receiving such good feedback from other audience’s really has helped my confidence.
Has anything come of this exhibition for you?
Nothing financial but if it wasn’t for the exhibition the work would still be on my PC, so it allowed me to go through the process of printing matting framing and hanging in such a fab building, so yeah!
Now that the exhibition is over. What are you doing now one month on?
I’m still doing exhibitions my next exhibition that I’m doing is called Conversation With My Conscious which is being put on by Abbey Wright a textile designer which is going to be a really good collection, you should look out for that and mosaic is another event which I coming up soon at the Africa Centre.

"Adorned With Grace"
Akeisha Walters, Fine Art, Illustrator UK.

Nomie Mzingwane, Textile Designer UK.

Sacha Allen, Designer UK

Honey Malaolu
Fashion Designer UK.

Denise Mahmud
Fashion Designer UK.

Chijoke Aguh
Product & Furniture Deisgner UK.

Chijoke Aguh.

Zekaryas Solomon
Architect, Fashion Designer UK.

Dr Raimi Gbadamosi
Artist, Writer, Curator UK.

More interviews to follow!

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  1. Looks like it was a great exhibition! when's the next one?