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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Walking in a Winterland......

18th November-3rd January 2012
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2011.
 Photo Michael Mapp All Rights Reserved

Having been invited to the launch of Hyde Park's Winter wonderland, I must say it's a London hotspot this season for both children and Adults. Winter Wonderland could be best described as the ideal destination for Adults wanting to re-live the magic of christmas.

Hyde Park Winter wonderland 2011.
Photo Michael Mapp All Rights Reserved

The wooden chalets add to the enchantment of the themed wonderland where by you can expect an array of culinary delights, a number of drinking spots and unique crafts-perfect for Christmas; And of course, the big attraction, yes you guessed it! the amusement area, the ice skating rink was extremely popular including the family giant observation wheel.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2011.
Photo Michael Mapp All Rights reserved

Hype Park Winter Wonderland  2011.
Photo Michael Mapp All Rights Reserved

There are loads of themed rides, so please be prepared to purchase quite a few tokens! The best bits for us at Creative Happen was the atmosphere, Winter Wonderland not only attracts us Londoners but has a big European and global following. So if your up for celebrating Christmas or even the New Year with a difference head down to Winter Wonderland! Advice Please wrap up warm.

If you do end up at Hype Park's Winter Wonderland please feel free to join us on facebook and share your best bits!
Free entry,
10am-10pm Daily
 please note fees apply for entry to the Circus, Ice skating rink and Family Giant Observation Wheel. For further information please click here

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