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Saturday, 3 September 2011


M2K 2011

M2K Backstage.

Sunday 19th Aug. the final day Calo Festival Today the stage played host to the gala for some of the Kiddies costumes and masquerader’s which I found having had a heritage in carnival costume production, to be very creative and meticulously crafted in some cases slightly ethereal. A fabulous carnival dance troop, and live music by some of London’s and the UK’s bright talents. Along with energetic sets by popular djs mixed in with the stage performances’ keeping the attendee’s jubilant.


M2K Backstage.

Situated to the rear of the hall saw a succession of stands with a variety of Caribbean crafts and cuisine available to purchase from traditional weaver with his loom to wooden carvings all the way through to jewellery. Needless to say there were fully stocked bars for the adults and wonderful natural juices for the children.

In all if you would like a vague flavour as to what carnival is somewhat like, allowing you the opportunity to experience some of the sights, sounds and smells associated with carnival The CALO Festival is a good new idea which could after some development and refinement to make this an opportunity to create a real carnival season right hear in the UK! Remember you read it here first.

Shadow Makers Back Stage.

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