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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Royal Wedding Celebration

Royal wedding fever hits Wandsworth

The build-up to the Royal wedding generally was subject to mixed discourse, some people held the view the wedding was a waste of tax payers money, some people were booking holidays or retreats. I started to think the turn out to local events maybe very low, however the last few days leading up to the Royal wedding a local buzz was generated through the creativity of local independents whose quirky window displays, shop merchandising, royal product ranges not to mention the bunting and flags evident could psychologically entice anyone into anything royal.

Fara, Battersea Park Road                      Sewing and Craft Superstore, Tooting

           New Vintage Battersea Park Road

Royal Event: Aquum, Clapham.                  Bina, Tooting Bec.                                 Royal Event: The Regent

 Battersea High Street: Royal Wedding Event preparations.

Image: All Rights Reserved Michael Mapp
The arrival of BBC London 94.9 FM Bus                Setting up of the Battersea High St Event 29th April 2011
on the 28th April 2011.

Morning Set-up Battersea High Street                                Will and kate Gifts

 International Television crew                                 Street car's tribute                            
The street party Event on Battersea High street was phenomenal the atmosphere was perfect enjoyed by all.  The days offerings included world food, live entertainment, rides for children, salsa dancing lessons of course not to mention BBC London 94.9 FM Broadcast of the wedding featuring  Gaby Roslin, Paul Ross, Robert Elms & Eddie Nestor. Crowds gathered to on the high Street as early as 9.00am whilst setting up was still underway to grab breakfast from Chez Manny, Galapagos, poggs Caffe and of course to get a good viewing spot of the big screen. We were told by many visitors they had heard this location was the best in London they were recommended by a friend to come a common trend for the day, it's been said the word of mouth is the best form of advertising and it was evident by 11.00am there was a huge cluster of people I have never seen the High Street so busy! The banter between myself and friends was on average how many visitors attended through out the day, the common number figure we estimated at roughly 5,000 people. Although the stage events ended at 7pm the crowds didn't disperse until well after 10pm. Overall the celebration was well received congratulations to The Battersea High Street Traders Association, Valeria and Serwah of Costas Barbers 165 Battersea High Street and Lorinda Frient Clapham Junction Town Centre Manager.

View image of the days events below:
Other Royal Wedding events in the borough:

We couldn't help it! We had to visit the Gigalum the lively bar in Clapham in close proximity to Camp Royale 

The idea to capture key visual images of Royal wedding events/ street parties was very important to us to highlight community spirit drawing neighbours, family and friends together if the Royal wedding can do this then its worth documenting!

                                                                 Battersea High st Royal Wedding Event

CreativeHappen London received over 1,000 views from posts promoting the Royal wedding event in Battersea High st and support needed from the public to share their images with us through Flickr. Social media such as Twitter, Flickr and is clearly a powerful medium one to be tapped into. A big thank you to photographer Michael Mapp and everyone who shared their amazing images to our Flickr group.

Featured Flickr Images of Wandsworth street parties.

Royal Wedding @ Battersea Street Party (5) by njekaterinaRoyal Wedding @ Battersea Street Party (23) by njekaterina Royal Wedding @ Battersea Street Party (25) by njekaterinaRoyal Wedding @ Battersea Street Party (14) by njekaterinaRoyal Wedding @ Battersea Street Party (7) by njekaterina
Images by Jekaterina Nikitina All Rights Reserved.

Key Royal wedding Facts
2 Billion watched around the globe
24.5 Million people watching television coverage on the BBC and ITV
2 Million sausage rolls sold by Marks and Spencer
1 Million people flocked to the streets of London
10,000 canapes served at the lunch reception
900 Sugar paste flowers on the cake
650 Guests invited to the Buckingham palace reception
485 Street parties held in the UK
300 Guests invited to the evening party
120 miles of Bunting sold by Tesco
85 Royal wedding street parties in Richmond highest in London
79 Royal Wedding street parties in Wandsworth (Second highest in London)
29 the amount of £s estimated to be spent per person celebrating the royal wedding
29th April Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot

Statistic sources


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  2. Monica, i'm totally in agreement with you!